Monday, February 28, 2011

Toronto outdoor art exhibition

so i applied to TOAE... i hope  i get in, sorry for no new art pics have a few on the go so next week will have stuff to share, this is what i submitted in the portfolio for TOAE

“The music was like wind in her hair” 18”x24” – acrylic on wood. 2011

“The Golden Girls” 36”x24” (24x24 + 12x24) – acrylic on canvas. 2010

“Electric Medusa” 12”x16” – fluorescent acrylics on canvas 2005-2011

“Efukt” 24”x48” (regular light) – fluorescent acrylics on canvas. 2010

“Efukt” 24”x48” (black light) – fluorescent acrylics on canvas. 2010

“Lorena II” 24”x60” (24x24 + 24x36) – acrylic on canvas. 2010

“Dream of the fisherman” 48”x48” – fluorescent acrylics on canvas 2010

“Ocean of my heart” 20.5”x20.5” -polychromatic screen print on canvas, acrylic, sewing. 2010

“Forest”- Approximately 36”x46”- acrylic, watercolour, found objects, bone, sewing, crochet, hemp. 2011

“Forest” (detail)- Approximately 36”x46”- acrylic, watercolour, found objects, bone, sewing, crochet, hemp. 2011

wish me luck i will cry if i dont get in.  Trying to pick 10 images to submit was crazy hard.  Trying to pick 10 pieces would have been hard enough.

I dont think i find out until like may.   booooo.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

its been too long.

So i have been a bit lazy about blogging.  Partially i was waiting on some photo's to be edited, partially i've just been busy with school and stuff.

I  had a critique in my alternative painting class.   I could not have wished for a better critique.. have not gotten my mark back yet though so who knows.  I have learnt not to assume i've done well even if i get alot of praise.  This is the piece:

I painted a watercolour forest, did some acrylic splatter detail, sewed in the fire and smoke from fire, added some gel transfers, stuck some twigs between the painting and the glass of the shadowbox, crocheted some plant/rock masses, then did some more gel transfers with paint splatter foliage, stuck those between 2 panes of glass, made a dream catcher frame out of branches and hemp, and added fun stuff like pussy willows, lantern plants, feathers, bones and acorns.

 what else have I been up to?  hmmm... had the critique for my gender studies class where i handed in the bear pissing.   It went over really well i was happy!

ALSO had a critique in my issues of representation class.  The assignment was to paint 3 versions of a photo that i personally took.  I chose the picture of elyse (from the last post) we had to do a photo realistic version, a semi realistic/abstract one, and an abstract.

I am not even posting an image of the abstract cause it sucked so much.  The realistic one went over well, the semi realistic one went ok... and the abstract one i guess technically was better than i was expecting... but... thats not saying alot.  No mark back on these yet either, I LOVE the prof but she is a ridiculously hard marker... I wish i was only being evaluated on the one piece rather than all 3.

Oh and I had a film studies exam.  YUCK 

I have been spending what seems a copious amount of time getting applications ready for a couple outdoor art shows this summer.  Currently sick... and its reading week.  wooo!  

I did a portrait commission:

Went and saw El Anatsui at the Royal Ontario Museum , it was AMAZING!!!  He is an artist who makes these giant quilt-like textiles out of bits of metal like bottle caps etc.  REALLY TRULY amazing, I recommend going to see his work before the show ends. If you go on a friday its half price after 4:30.