Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Because I felt like it

School has been out for a week or 2 now, and i have about another week or two until summer school starts. Not producing art makes me feel awful so i have been trying to stay motivated, this stuff has no "concept" but you know what? sometimes i just feel like making something JUST BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT.
I got my first ever rejection letter yesterday from the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, I didn't get in.  Oh well, there is always next year. So to celebrate my first rejection letter and to celebrate/survive the Canada Election Results I decided to get drunk...  I never get drunk... and I painted this Oil of RAJA.  He won Rupaul's drag race, which is one of my favourite shows, and used to be on America's next top model as a makeup artist (my other favourite show)
did this on a salvaged canvas so not sure how big.. like 3-4 feet tall i'd say

I posted this image at an earlier point of its evolution a post or 2 back, decided to sew details onto the painting and then sew the entire piece to a polychromatic screen printed piece of linen.

Hydrolines sewn into polychromatic screen printed fabric.  Awhile back boy taught me how to polychromatic screen print on fabric, and I had some scraps left over from previous school projects, and decided to make something of it.

a tall ship sewn into polychromatic screen printed fabric.

Life painting class

I took a life painting class with Peter Mah last semester, it was pretty good, we never had homework, as it was all in class painting from life models.  I have only ever done a couple other oil paintings before, so this was really useful in helping me figure them out. I'm excited to try more oil painting, but with more exciting subject matter.
this was my final piece for the class, we had multiple sittings, I am the most pleased with this one.   I think this is like... 36x48

this was the first week ... i dont hate it, but i will probably be painting over this. 30x40

I think i have lost my image for the second piece... this was week 3 i think. 30x40 meh... again i dont HATE it, but its not too exciting for me.
This one came next.  I think at this point I am figuring stuff out better, may try to figure out what to do to this so that its more interesting. 36x48

this was the second last model, I like this painting, all the chest hair painted with a really big brush was a bit frustrating for me... but its a learning experience. 30x40