Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random stuff

here is some random stuff i have done/ am working on.  the city scape is huge... 5 feet tall or more.. i forget at the moment... its for a coming assignment and has alot of work to be done. 
this is a glass fusion piece i did at my sisters studio just for fun

Acrylic/ ink drawing of my friend Daniela... again just for fun

another glass fusion piece i did at my sister's studio for fun

glass fusion robot

teen goth self portrait.  also just for fun

same painting as first image via REGULAR light

full view via BLACK LIGHT


the opinions expressed may not be those of the artist

Appropriation is currently a very controversial topic, particularly when it involves First Nations art. It is no longer acceptable for artists of non-native descent to use aboriginal themes in their artwork.
Land rights concerning First Nations is also a current political hot topic, as well as environmental concerns and exploitation of natural resources relates to much of the land in question. I wanted to produce a piece of art in response to this.
I am highly influenced by Emily Carr’s work; I think that she was crucial in the documentation of aboriginal culture.  Emily Carr, despite being a Caucasian woman has gained the respect of many critics for her brave efforts in creating visual documentation of totems poles, at a time in which Europeans were relocating many poles. However, nearly a century later Caucasians using native themes in their art are highly frowned upon.
I decided to use her piece Scorned as timber, beloved of the sky, as the basis for my piece, replacing the single freestanding tree with a Haida totem pole.  To accentuate the exploitation of First Nations people, I placed a red native Jesus on the totem pole reminiscent of Paul Gauguin’s Yellow Christ.  As an early expressionist painter Gauguin broke from European tradition and took the liberty of painting whatever he chose to paint, however he felt like painting it.  His brave departure from socially acceptable art is a source of inspiration for the piece that I have created.
            My intention for this piece is to make an outsider commentary on the exploitation of both First Nations’ art, and the exploitation/deforestation of the land, which once belonged to them. 
            I think that Dr. Seuss’s tale of the Lorax, and the destruction of the truffula trees is a well-known source of wisdom that correlates with environmental issues such as deforestation, as well as political issues such as the exploitation of Native cultures.  The Lorax is intended to be a grounding point and an entrance for the average non-native viewer to partake in a commentary that they would not normally be invited to participate in.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


not such a new painting its from last semester but it never really got the attention it deserves cause i didnt have the ability at the time to photograph it properly.
  so here it is in regular light, regular light plus black light, and just black light.   no photo manipulation.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Crystal Tree Castles

so... finally have some new stuff to post. had a critique today.  I think it went well, the prof seems really into my stuff, and i have to say i fucking love this class (alternative painting mediums)  the prof is Shirley Yanover ... she did those cats on the poles in kensington market.

anyways.   I painted with fluorescent paint on agate rock slices, then did nettings for all the rocks and wove them between branches...  its pretty fun.  awkward mounting it though.
and taking it on the TTC was sort of a nightmare, not so bad getting it to school but getting it home during rush hour was AWFUL  people have very little respect.  i took the subway up to st clair that was so awful i decided NOT to bother with the street car and walked the rest of the way in the rain.   Had a giant umbrella my mom bought me (pretty much the only cool thing she has ever gifted me) and awkward walked home.   GOOD TIMES   ... the piece got so wet that it lost some paint and i had to retouch when i got home.
all i well now, its on my wall.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

super mario orgy porno party

These were for my making gender studio class.  

We were supposed to do a piece about a contemporary influence or something like that.

So i decided to do joey as mario. costume left over from halloween. took some pictures made gel transfers, since he is a textile artist i wanted there to be a strong textile component so its all stitched, many places are painted as well, added modelling paste for bulge etc.  yoshi pikachu and buttercup (note the hidden bambi pillow as well) are all regulars in my bed, and childhood icons.  Thought it'd be a fun juxtapose to use some of his actual hair as well.

The critique was today.  seemed to go fairly well.  But i mean...  who doesnt love nintendo and pokemon?