Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random stuff

here is some random stuff i have done/ am working on.  the city scape is huge... 5 feet tall or more.. i forget at the moment... its for a coming assignment and has alot of work to be done. 
this is a glass fusion piece i did at my sisters studio just for fun

Acrylic/ ink drawing of my friend Daniela... again just for fun

another glass fusion piece i did at my sister's studio for fun

glass fusion robot

teen goth self portrait.  also just for fun

same painting as first image via REGULAR light

full view via BLACK LIGHT



  1. glass stuff is cute and I really like the city scape

  2. OMG I only wish I could paint cityscapes as well as you! The blacklight version is amazing!!!!!! I've been struggling with the one in mine--it's totally kicking my ass! I can't wait for friday to be over. lol.