Saturday, April 16, 2011


This was a project for my LGBTQ (queer) studies studio.  The project was something about redesigning an institute, and intervention or something...  I had seen on tumblr that Mr. Mike Enders was looking for a piece of art for his blog.

ACCIDENTAL BEAR  ... so I figured... why not?  He had mentioned that he wanted a likeness of himself wearing a bear skin hide/ rug...  my initial thoughts were some kind of neo shamanistic mononoke sorta thing.  HOWEVER I knew that he really liked this vintage photo of Burt Reynolds.

So I decided to redraw this vintage image with a likeness of Mike Enders (seen below)  I sent the preliminary drawing to him, and he seemed to really love the idea.

Sent him this final image... currently waiting on feed back.   Its mostly watercolour, a little bit of ink on the tattoos and some acrylic in the background (i chose orange green and brown, because he seemed to wear alot of these colours in the photos I had to work from)

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  1. This is just way too cool. The image is pretty cool. I love the reinvention of the original photo!