Tuesday, May 29, 2012

deep in the belle wood

This is a series of 13 pieces I did for a class last semester. Pretty happy with how it turned out especially since I did them all in under 3 weeks.  Mixed media, all on wood panels, I used branches, acrylic, wood stain, spray paint, wood burning, paper, sand and probably some other stuff too.

Forest fire

                                                   The witch has snow white's heart

                                                                             The stag

                                                                       witch cunt
                                                              Snow White's heart
                                                                  the descent
                                                               The Three Wise Men
                                                                        The Queen

                                                                 The owl sees it all
The Gemini Twins

                                                                    An Apple my dear?

                                                              Don't speak a word of this


  1. Really awesome... thank you for sharing!!! I love the woodland friends...

  2. These atmospheres and moods are dreamy and lush. I love the color scheme. As a series these are phenomenal, and on their own each stands proudly. Excellent work. I am deeply impressed. Thank you.