Saturday, January 15, 2011

fall semester

I already have a couple smaller pieces near completion for the new semester so i thought i should maybe post some stuff from the semester that just ended.

It was not my favourite semester ever. I had 5 classes. History of Modern art monday mornings at 8:30am.  horrific.  most days i stayed in bed.  There were pod casts.  Thank god apple seems to own OCAD, I dunno, I am still trying to fight the mark in that class.  I've never been one to contest a mark... but I felt confidant about the mid term, i got 68% on the essay ... so i figured with the what i thought good mid term, and an ok final exam i could get it to 70.  I have never gotten anything less than a B which from what I can tell is pretty sweet.  And i really wanted to keep it that way.  I ended up with a 63% i have no idea how i studied for the exam didnt think I did that bad.  I have not seen my midterm or final exam and have in no way found the prof helpful in communicating, soon my mark will be frozen and I am bitter. 

Also had an image metaphor class... all the projects were right up my ally, too early in the morning but I was happy with it.  Was expecting a bit higher of a mark but shouldn't complain too much.
Had Contemporary Issues. Far too many art critic articles to mean, and a million journal responses, but the studio projects were totally open and i took the chance to do textile work, which was really exciting for me, and over all I actually really liked the class. 
Had an into to sociology class.  It was fine, completely irrelevant and sort of a joke but the prof was nice and for what it was, it really wasnt that bad.
I also had a processes class where we did metal point drawing, egg tempera paintings -GROSS- i will never paint with egg again its official. also oil glazing and encaustic.  The encaustic was frustrating at first super messy but ultimately really awesome, again could have gotten better marks, but I can't complain too much, and there was some pretty deserving work from others in the class, sorta seemed geared towards those who work in abstraction I thought.  but... whatevs

 This tree print was just for fun, used the tree for the pillow project... you can see the piece if you scroll a couple entries back
 Good angel (the assignment was to due 2 versions of a tarot card) admittedly this is lame
 Angel of death... sadly i took this pose DIRECTLY from an episode of Next top model.
 doorknob, oil... not the best picture

 Encaustic jellyfish... final piece is a bit different than this, but I haven't taken a more recent photo
 encaustic, found object collage, leaves, teeth, pussy willows, grass, feathers, postage stamps, graphite, acorn


 This piece above also ended up differently... in my opinion better, now that i am looking at this version
 watercolour of Joey
 Shadow box comprised of all hand dyed fabric, cut out and sewn into a multi layered almost diorama like piece.... scuba diver is acrylic on foam board
egg tempera.. which was vile, useless, and unenjoyable... OH and highly sought after by cats.
Templin gardens, good ole Fergus Ontario


  1. The encaustic stuff looks wicked! I desperately want to try it out!

  2. shouldn't you have put some knind of inspirational word in the encaustic?
    just kidding! i usually don't like that stuff cause it's sooo cheezy, but yours look really good :)

  3. It's official - I must send all my best stamps to you.

    I love your trees!! I want to build forts in them and just stay a while.

  4. i'm not a very inspirational person and if my art ever says things like HOPE or JOY etc then I hope i was paid alot of money to do it.

    your stamps are super useful!

    and claire, you should... if you have a george forman grill or something of the like its pretty easy you just add oil paint to bees wax and melt in old tin cans on a grill. sorta messy though