Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year

this is my first post for along time now.  but its a new year and i have decided that i am going to keep my blog up to date and document the next semesters projects etc.  My winter break from school is over in a couple days and one of my goals of things i wanted to do before school went back was work on my blog and portfolio website

recap of the last 36 hours:
tattooed my friend clayton the night before last, he wanted shaggy and scooby do, it turned out well, i need to take pictures still. did not get done and in bed until 4 am.  got up early to get to the bank on time to deposit my roomates rent cheque before my cheque to the landlord bounced (due to holiday bank closure junk) Success!  Walked my butt to the subway so i could buy a January metro pass.  Switched some classes, went to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the Maharajah exhibit which is free to those 25 or younger... which i am not, but i said i was, tried to look innocent and got in without showing ID.
Went with my boyfriend Joey and a friend of his from NSCAD . It was more interesting than i expected, lots and lots of jewels and adornments, and it was neat to see the very distinct changes that European influence had upon the fashion and art during colonialism.  Did some window shopping bought some art supplies... got some nice paper. Went to Fresh for half price lunch special, which was the dragon bowl... decent enough.  

Then worked on a project at Joey's studio.  I decided to do some fun pornographic images stitched into paper. I have a bunch more to come.  Really like how they are turning out, and think i learned a lot about what to do/don't do when making more in this manner.  I will frame them and sell them if anyone is interested.  May or may not do some work like this as class material.  I always feel weird working on stuff like this around so many people.

Went to bed too late as usual, did not get up when i was supposed to go to school and stand inline for OSAP (school loan) instead I went to the pet store to buy meal worms for my roommate's bearded dragon (who is away in Chile for the holidays) Pet store closed.  Went to the grocery store instead.  Saw a man pissing on the sidewalk... on St. Clair 9:30am streetcars passing, not turned away or anything, it was great.  Then as I was leaving No Frills, some guy grabbed some groceries and ran out the door, followed by a few No Frills employees.  Awesome.  THEN witnessed a marital dispute on the street with two drunks.  Its noon now, and I'm doing Laundry. Bearded dragon has been fed.

As well as wanting to update my blog and try the sewing paper thing as holiday goals.  I also wanted to make and sell some scarves and hats.  Which i did.  Here are some of the ones i made.
 I learnt to make flowers! (thanks to you tube of course)

 This flower scarf still needs a loving home, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. 

Another one of my goals was to learn how to crochet amigurami type critters.  This little guy is my first attempt and I am pretty happy with it.

 I asked for lots and lots of self leveling gel for my birthday, and got it, so I have been working on this, I call it "ELECTRIC MEDUSA" I need to get better photographs of this but I have work up layer upon layer upon layer of fluorescent acrylics on gel medium giving it extreme depth when viewed at close range.   I am pretty happy with this, my main issue is the compositional placement of the face so close to the edge of the canvas, but the image was worked out of a random abstract colour piece and wasn't planned to become medusa.  Black light active. (this view is normal light)

Here is a domo I found at the lansdown value village for $5.99, and he can be seen holding my shadow box piece "The Ocean of my heart"  I have not successfully been able to photograph it due to glare from the glass.  But I will post some better pics of it soon. (I plan to do a last semester project recap in the next day or so)
 I have also been working on this.  Its of an old friend of mine that i rather miss.  Don't think its done just yet.  ALMOST


  1. Nice job Mike... lots of new exciting things on the go.

  2. ahhh so many new things!!
    your crochet is coming along well, i'm jealous.

  3. thanks guys. its easy once you figure it out, i can help :)