Monday, January 31, 2011

omigod i left my house and did stuff

So... actually went out to some stuff this weekend.  Second weekend in a row... woot.  Went with Joey and his friend daniela, first we went to bookhou it was not actually their work but some featured designers.  I dunno, it was crowded as hell, a cool map of canada... a neat blow up chair.   Not really my style though. Then we headed to Made they had the apartment above the shop all set up with merchandise/ art. MADE at home Some of the rooms were more exciting than others, but it was pretty neat. There was some work from a woman that is part of Joey's study named kerry croghan she is super super sweet, and does fun feltwork, and sweet nature prints.  The shop was really awesome too. I pretty much wanted everything.  But way to pricey for my blood. Awesome branch kitchen chairs that went for $1500 each and cool wood grain hanging lamps, everything was awesome.  Then we went to Come up to my room at the gladstone.
It was pretty sweet. Packed, pretty loud, but fun for sure. Mostly really awesome stuff. A room with little.. sensor lights of some sort that twinkled like starts and was somehow hooked up to an i pod touch screen.  An abandoned dinner party, a room full of crocheted web-work, a room that looked like a cross between being under and ship's deck and a tree house, lots of sweet stuff.  A really awesome room in which a girl named Amanda had sewn 2D near life size versions of all the furniture in her living room into solvy and hung the transparent work from the ceiling how it was arranged in real life.
Pretty cool.
Today we checked out the work of one of my profs at OCAD jj lee at loop gallery
She has a series of narrative paintings that are being used in a children's book about a Turtle ... my bad TORTOISE for Ch'u.  They were pretty cute, and lots of cool collage and textures incorporated in the paintings.  After that checked out show and tell gallery 

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