Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Summer semester

Today was the first day of the winter semester. I now already have due dates, and projects in mind.  WHICH means i thought it was time i posted stuff from the summer and fall semesters.
I took the summer semester because i was broke. I needed to pay my rent and I was not finding a job fast enough, so I signed up for a full summer semester so that I could use student loans to cover rent etc. 
They were really intense classes. A six hour painting studio, twice a week. there were only 8 of us the prof was awesome and it was really pretty awesome. I also had a figurative drawing class twice a week, and a book binding class twice a week. due dates were alot shorter, but I managed to pull it off. Here are some of the highlights:

A self portrait
This one turned out really strange. we had to do a 6 hour start to finish painting in class , working from a collage. This is what happened.  Haven't done anything this Emo for a long time.
 Rose + Gizmo
 Blanche + My little Pony, Sophia + Glow worm

 Dorothy + Raphael the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
The Golden Girls and icons from my childhood
My interpretation of Hokusai's dream of the Fisherman's wife.

 Ellen Degeneres as prince charming Portia de Rossi as Rapunzel

 Jesus pose
Patiently Tom Waits

 Tom waits patiently

To anna paquin we look 


  1. I really like your portraits. I have a thing about neck muscles (I just love drawing them...its borderline fetish creepy) and I think you've done them really well. Especially in the Tom Waits portraits.

  2. actually i noticed that about you.. that you seem really into drawing musculature. Thats cool, we all have preferences right?