Saturday, January 29, 2011

friday night blogging

Had a fairly busy, productive week at school, i meant to write a blog a week ago but it seems not to have happened. Last saturday went to the Kim Dorland opening at angel gallery, it was pretty sweet. Pictures of his work online arent as impressive as the actual pieces in person which are alot larger than you think, he does lots of trees and uses glow in the dark paint, so ... often painting trees and even more often using black light paints I was impressed.  He is a pretty young artist, who is now doing really well for himself.  I was both encouraged, inspired, and totally envious.

Spent most of my time this week working on a portrait of my friend Elyse, I will post the pics when it is finally completed... almost there.

 Close up of a fun textural encaustic piece

 posted an earlier version of this piece a couple blogs back, this is the completed version, and i like it quite a bit better like this.  Its done with encaustic wax on an old dresser drawer
 full version of the close up piece above...
 better picture of an encaustic jelly fish painting I posted a couple of blogs back.

You may ask MIKE: why all the gay art lately?  WELL ... why not?  Also, I plan to get a booth at this years pride if all goes well, and want a large body of reasonably priced pieces for it.
 Sewing into paper
 This is not specifically gay, I have a figurative painting class... which means its all in class work from live models, every class we paint a 40x30 oil painting... this was last weeks
 bear dude taking a piss, sewn onto paper and burnt.
 gel transfer of the same bear dude, sewed fabric onto transfer
gel transfer, all the line work is sewn into it.

Hung out with my friend jade tonight, ate yummy nachos, and gave her a sexy little tattoo on the side of her ribs... it was interesting, the ink did not disperse the same there as it does on fleshier places like legs.  Good to know, will post a pic once she heals a little.

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